The StoneHouse – A Work In Progress


My Masterpiece – The StoneHouse

I started building the StoneHouse in the Summer of 2008 and I have been working on it ever since. At first glance it looks a feels complete, but to me it will never be done. That’s the beauty of the StoneHouse, there is always improvements to be made. It will always be a work in progress.

Welcome to the StoneHouse

I have been wanting to finish the entry gate and create some art for the walls, but it just hasn’t been priority until now.The entrance gate was the first thing I built when I bought the land. The rock is from just outside Glacier Park and the logs are from the burn above St. Mary’s. It has needed another coat of stain for a while and I wanted to cap the post with stone as well as make a sign. I painted up a sign this week and finished off the entry gate this weekend. I really like how it came out.

Entrance Gate

Art work for the walls

I wanted the art on the walls to be more personal and reflect my experience of this amazing area and have a Native American theme as well.  I didn’t want to just frame images I had taken. I tried to get creative.  I found some old weathered wood from an abandon dock along the lake shore and used that to create my vision. I used elements from the environment I have found or made to add to the pieces.

Headboard and Art

Buffalo Print            StoneHouse Print

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