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Blackfeet Reservation Fishing/Hunting Licenses On-Line

Purchasing On-Line The Blackfeet Fish And Wildlife Department is encouraging sportsmen to buy their fishing and hunting licenses on-line. If you are planning on fishing during your stay at the StoneHouse, it would be wise to buy your license before you leave on your vacation. The Tribe is limiting the number of vendors allowed to…

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Glacier Country Outdoors – Fishing Tips & Techniques

Technique for Fishing the Spring Spawn Every spring here in Glacier Country around the end of March, the ice begins to recede from the Blackfeet Reservation lakes. This is a signal for all giant rainbows to move in along the shore and begin the ritual spring spawn or false spawn, since they aren’t able to…

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The StoneHouse – A Work In Progress

  My Masterpiece – The StoneHouse I started building the StoneHouse in the Summer of 2008 and I have been working on it ever since. At first glance it looks a feels complete, but to me it will never be done. That’s the beauty of the StoneHouse, there is always improvements to be made. It will…

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My Duck Lake Love Affair

Sun Set Over Four Horn Lake

Why I love Fishing Duck Lake and Stillwater It wasn’t until I landed on Duck Lake here in Northwest Montana, that my love for fly fishing for trout on Stillwater began. The Blackfeet Indian Reservation is known for its productive trout water. There are numerous lakes throughout the reservation that boast of great fishing, but…

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The Mayor of Duck Lake

Shoes That Can’t be Filled On February 24th of 2016, the unofficial “Mayor of Duck Lake” passed away. Tom Durand and his wife Gladys were one of a few folks that were permanent residence among mostly transient owners of small summer cabins along Duck lake. Tom was a full-blooded Assiniboine Indian and had moved to Duck Lake…

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The Spring-Spawn: Great for Beginner Fly Fishermen

Where the novice fly fisherman can actually catch fish The Spring-Spawn or Ice-Off  on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in NW Montana is a great opportunity for beginning fly fisherman to learn how to actually catch fish. You have put so much time in effort into educating your self about the sport, the most important step…

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