Our Guides

Cut Bank Creek Outfitters

“Guiding isn’t just about a successful hunt or catching big fish, it’s also about showing your clients a good time and enriching their lives for the experience.” Dave Parsons

We work exclusively with Dave Parsons (aka Buckskin) of Cut Bank Creek Outfitters.

They are a full service outfitter offering everything but lodging. Thats where we come in!

Their big game hunts include moose, elk, deer, black bear and mountain lion as well as upland bird, waterfowl and fishing.

Dave was born and raised on the Blackfeet Reservation. He has been hunting and fishing the reservation his entire life and has intimate knowledge of the wildlife that inhabit the 1.5 million acres within the reservation borders.

He has been guiding clients for over 25 years and has run his business entirely by word of mouth.

He is quick to a laugh and loves to share the rich history of his native people.