It’s Not Spring Yet!

Ice Fishing Duck Lake

The 2016-17 winter in Montana has been one for the record books. Supper cold and lots of snow.  The Ice fishing on Duck Lake and the other Blackfeet Reservation lakes has been exceptional. I have noticed the rainbows at Duck Lake are a little bit bigger and seem to be very health. That’s a great sign for this summer, but it’s not spring yet and there is still ice on Duck Lake and ice holes to be dug. The spring spawn will just have to wait.

My Favorite Ice Fishing Fly

Ice fishing Duck Lake isn’t that complicated. I pretty much use the same set up every time. Because it works! I like to incorporate the tying aspect of fly fishing into my ice fishing, by tying up some of my favorite bead head flies that will eventually accommodate a 1″ meal worm. It’s a bit of a slow sinking fly, but once down to the right depth, it imitates a large traveling Caddis larva that’s an available food source for trout year round and is a very effective fly. When I see a trout near the fly I like to start bringing the fly up towards the surface as if it is hatching. If the trout was hesitant to bite at first pass, this rising action tends to trigger a strike every time.

HOW TO TIE: Put the bead-head of choice on to hook and then tie in your soft hackle just behind the bead-head. I like to rap the thread on down the shank so that the meal worm will stay on the hook better without sliding back town toward the bend.

Hook #8-#10 size hook

Soft Hackle – Your color choice (I like pheasant rump feathers)

Bead head – color of choice

Thread – 06 red or green (the larva has a natural green thorax, but red is a good attractant color)

Duck Lake Ice Fishing Fly




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