Fishing on the Blackfeet Reservation / The StoneHouse at Duck Lake

The Blackfeet Reservation fishing experience is world class.

Trout averaging 10-12 pounds are common with 4-6 pounds pretty much a guarantee. The majority of trout caught on the Blackfeet Reservation will be rainbow, but there are also plenty of  brown trout, cutthroat and brook trout.

There are eight main lakes that hold big trout, all within 45 mile radius. There are also many small streams and rivers that rarely get fished. The scenic drive to and from the StoneHouse and various lakes is all part of the adventure.

All lakes are teeming with a rich variety of aquatic life providing an abundant food source, including scuds (fresh water shrimp), leeches, mayfly, caddis, water boatmen, minnows and terrestrials. We are happy to help you with a self guided fishing experience or hook you up with Dave Parsons (Buckskin) owner of Cut Bank Creek Outfitters.

Dave Parson-Cut Bank Creek Outfitters with Four Horn giant

Dave Parson's with large rainbow-Four Horn lake

Fishing is outstanding year round on the Blackfeet Reservation. Here is a short description of each season to help you plan your vacation and target the optimum time to catch a trophy of a lifetime.

SPRING ICE-OFF (Mid April – May)

The spring Ice-off (Spring Spawn) starts as soon as the ice melts of the lakes, usually around mid April and continues though the end of May. It is a special time of  year and your best chance to catch HUGE rainbows and lots of them. All lakes on the reservation are stocked with trout unable to reproduce, but they still go through the motions. As soon as the ice is off the lakes, the the big trout start their migration into shore where cruising fish can be caught in  1- 5 feet of water. The weather and wind can be unpredictable, so its best to be prepared and dressed appropriately. I have caught hundreds of big fish in blowing snow storms. And again, it’s all part of the adventure.

20-30 fish days are common during Spring Ice-Off.

Here is a video I produced last year for Blackfeet Outfitters during the spring spawn on Mission Lake with a bit of Hidden Lake and Duck Lake thrown in for fun!. There is nothing like walking out the door of the StoneHouse at Duck Lake and hooking up with a few nice rainbows in the Duck’s head as the sun sets over the  the Rocky Mountain Front. It’s magical!!! Enjoy the video!

 SUMMER – (June, July and August)

The summer months are very productive. With the water warming and the weather stabilizing, the fishing is fantastic. Most of the lake and river fishing is with fly rod, but spin fishing and trolling deeper waters are popular techniques as well. There are times when dry flies are successful, but for the most part fishing takes place sub-surface.

FALL ( Sept – Oct)

It’s a great time to be at the StoneHouse, not only fishing but spending time in Glacier National Park. The wildlife viewing is over the top. The weather and water are cooling off and the trout are very active and feeding heavily in preparation for the long winter months ahead. At Duck Lake, around mid October, the Brown Trout begin to run. It’s your best chance to hook into a trophy brown. My largest was a 31 inch 14 lb. Brown.


Don’t think for a minute that we stop fishing just because it’s cold outside and there is 16 inches of ice on the lake. The fish never stop feeding so we never stop fishing. It’s time to break out the short rods, heat up the ice hut and turn on “Fish TV.”

Every season is special on the east side, but winter is one of my favorites. Being a avid fly fisherman, I never thought I would enjoy ice fishing, but I have come to love it. When the weather outside is cold and windy, there is nothing better than spending the day with friends and family out on the ice in a warm ice hut, drinking a few cold ones and catching huge trout.

Here is a little video I put together doing just that.


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