Fly Fishing

Fishing With Osprey

Fishing-With-Osprey - The StoneHouse at Duck Lake

The Spring Spawn is a great opportunity to catch a lot of big fish on the Blackfeet Reservation lakes. For me, it’s the first sign of spring and a summer of fishing to come. A good sign that the fishing will be good, is if the Osprey are fishing Duck Lake as well. In this…

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Hell and High Water – Fishing at Mission Lake

Fly Fishing Mission Lake’s Spring Spawn In Extreme Conditions No one said it would be easy, but life threatening?  It’s just a fish. Yea, a really big fish, but is it worth risking your life? My buddy John would say absolutely, he’d do just about anything to hook another one of those legendary Mission Lake…

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The Spring-Spawn: Great for Beginner Fly Fishermen

Where the novice fly fisherman can actually catch fish The Spring-Spawn or Ice-Off  on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in NW Montana is a great opportunity for beginning fly fisherman to learn how to actually catch fish. You have put so much time in effort into educating your self about the sport, the most important step…

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