Blackfeet Reservation Fishing/Hunting Licenses On-Line

Purchasing On-Line

The Blackfeet Fish And Wildlife Department is encouraging sportsmen to buy their fishing and hunting licenses on-line. If you are planning on fishing during your stay at the StoneHouse, it would be wise to buy your license before you leave on your vacation. The Tribe is limiting the number of vendors allowed to sell licenses to 5 and it can be difficult to locate these vendors and secure a license. Purchasing your license on-line can be a bit confusing, so I’ve listed the steps below in an attempt to make the buying process more efficient. Please call or email me if you find any discrepancies.


  1. Go To > Home Page > scroll down to middle of Home Page and in the center of the page find “Online Licensing” > Click
  2. Goes to “Sign In” page. Enter Name and drivers license # > Click “Continue”
  3. Enter email to generate a PIN # (Enter email address to receive PIN # via email or text)
  4. Click – “Go Back To Start” and enter Name and newly generated PIN # > Click “NEXT”
  5. This will take you to “Personal Info Page.” Enter all needed info if they don’t already have you on file.
  6. Click “Buy Permits” (Orange button)
  7. This goes to “Select Permit Page” > Select Conservation License > click ADD PERMIT > enter Credit Card Info and process. (IMPORTANT – You will need to buy and pay for the Conservation License first, then go back and select and pay for the Non-Member/Non-resident Fishing License. Both Conservation and Fishing Licenses should be on the final license when you print it out.
  8. Go back to “Available Licenses” and select Non Member/Non Resident Fishing from drop down menu. Select 1 day, 3 day or Annual > Click Next
  9. Enter Credit Card Info and Pay
  10. Print and Sign

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