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Glacier National Park Feb 2011


The StoneHouse is centrally located on the East side of Glacier Park, making access to Glacier easy. We are 5 miles from the entrance to Many Glacier and 10 miles from St. Mary’s and the Going to the Sun Highway. Two Medicine is a short 30 min drive up and over Triple Divide toward East Glacier Lodge. Many Glacier boost of some of the most scenic and spectacular hikes in the Park and has the largest population of grizzly and black bear. You could spend several vacations hiking Many Glacier and only tap the surface of all the wonderful things to see and do.

Few people take advantage of the ski touring available in the Park. The road to Many Glacier stays open all the way to Lake Sherbourne. From there ski across the lake or down the road as far as you like. You will have Glacier all to yourself.


Glacier Boat Co. serves all key lakes in Glacier. The boats are a great way to learn some of the park history and a wonderfully scenic way to get to a specific trail head. Go to to learn more.



Another way to experience Glacier is by taking a tour on one of the historic red buses.

The red buses are currently operated by Glacier Park Inc.




Loon with Chics

The east side of the divide is a bird lovers paradise. Duck Lake is on a major migration route and depending on what time of the year it is,  the shear numbers and variety of bird life is simply stunning. More than 260 species of birds are found in the varied habitats of Glacier National Park. That is a large number of species for an area so far north. For more information check out this great site –>Glacier National Park – Birding


Many Glacier is arguably the best place to view wildlife. Spring through Fall there are many opportunities to see a variety of animals in their natural habitat. Mountain goats, elk,  grizzly and black bear  there is always something going on at Many Glacier. Starting in early August every day on my way to work,  I navigate the line of cars (bear jams) along the side of the road watching bears dine on the ripened huckleberry delights!



Indian Days are held every year around Mid July in Browning. If you are in the area during this time I highly recommend spending some time at the fair grounds and enjoying the festivities. It will awaken your soul  as you listen to the drummers and  watch the dancers  parade around in traditional dress.  And just  for a few moments,  it will take your spirit back to a time when things were very different.  It’s a beautiful tradition to keep this Blackfeet culture alive and share it with the world.

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